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Why We Build It

As a product developer, you always want your product to come out with its best form. But most of the time, you received many controversial feedbacks from your users that are hard to manage. What if you could gather the insights you need from user feedback and do so quickly and easily?

Upvotex is here to help, where you get better at connecting with users, know what they’re struggling with, and solve it. Build winning products and services based on real human insights. With Upvotex, giving feedback has never been as enjoyable as it is now.

About King-Theme Team

We are the King-Theme team, a creative and dedicated group of individuals who love WordPress almost as much as we love our customers. Since launching our first product in 2012, King-Theme's product has been delivered to over 629,652 happy customers worldwide.

The core of King-Theme has always been "Customer is King". And, we are trying our best to make your life more manageable by using our product. We encourage you to try out Upvotex, experience the convenience and efficiency.

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